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Graduation Ceremony


Full Time Senior Analyst: Amanda

Upon graduating from Fordham University with a Master’s degree, Amanda was hired as an operations analyst by a mid-sized technology firm for HR services. However, she was shortly laid off due to the firm’s financial instability. She was disappointed because she liked her work and the people on her team. During the initial consultation, the analysis report indicated that she would fit with a data-oriented position. A coach at NYER highlighted her key strengths: 

Full-time work experience in the US. 

Full-time work experience, no matter in which field or at what company, is valued by employers. 

A good reference from a

previous manager.

Although she was laid off due to the firm’s financial difficulty, she was a high performer at her previous job. 

Transferable skills. 

As an operations analyst, she had many transferable skills, such as data manipulations, process design and execution, and customer feedback analysis. 

Our consultant provided suggestions for Amanda to apply for jobs similar to her previous position. She also went through interview training on how to articulate her previous work experience and highlight her key strengths. After three weeks, she received a full-time offer from Facebook. Due to her prior full-time experience, she was hired as a senior analyst.  

Summer Investment Banking Analyst: Andy 

Andy knew he wanted to become an investment banking analyst since freshman year of college. During his sophomore year, he dropped his resume at many large investment banks for their summer internship program but didn’t hear back from any of them. NYER’s consultant analyzed his case and identified several problems:

No prior internship experience in the U.S.

While interning outside the U.S. is a great way to gain experience, U.S. companies prefer to hire interns that can adapt to the office environment in the U.S.  

Good GPA but not competitive. 

Andy has a GPA of 3.67. This is a good GPA but a higher GPA will improve the chance to some degree.

No demonstration of leadership. 

Banks love those who take initiatives. Andy was involved with some school clubs on campus but held no leadership positions and never led any projects.

To solve the problems, Andy did the following:

  • Interned at a small financial technology company in NYC and learned a lot about financial data analysis. He could tell a great story regarding this experience during future interviews. 

  • He improved his grades over the course of a semester and maintained a competitive GPA

  • He started to volunteer with a nonprofit and initiated many volunteering projects with his classmates

Later, Andy went through an intensive 10-day interview training, both for behavioral interviews and finance technical interviews. He also built financial models from scratch together with a former analyst from UBS within the NYER network.

Eventually, Andy received summer internship offers from Financo and Citibank. He followed the consultant’s advice and decided to take the offer at Financo because he wanted to specialize in M&A. Financo’s main service focus was M&A.

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